For the love of God, how British is this photo?

The thing is, I am (and feeling) kind of lost at the moment when it comes to my blog. I am (almost!) sure we have all been through this sort of phase where we just try to figure out what we really want with our blog. And I am currently right in the middle of that thinking. I just finished cooking my very first soup – pepper soup to be exact – and while the kitchen smelled amazing (it really did smell so good!) I told myself to just follow my heart. My tiny heart that beats for Great Britain, London more especially, and, of course, the English language (and British accent included). So here it is, my first blog entry written and published in the language I love so dearly.

I have been thinking about blogging in English even way before I went to London (oh, how I still miss that city so much!) last year, but I have always decided to stay true to the Dutch language. Why, I really do not know. Sometimes it is easier to express myself in Dutch, sometimes it is easier to find the right words in English. However, do not be alarmed (yes, I am using Mister Darcy’s words here!) of me completely changing this blog. Wait a minute, maybe you should, indeed. Or no, you should not. Ah well, OK, to be honest: I just do not know, either. You see? I told you I was feeling lost! (Which, by the way, does not suit this blog’s undertitle: I’m not lost. Not lost. Just undiscovered. Thanks James!)

Clearly, I have not made up my mind yet. Will I continue blogging in Dutch or will I switch to English? While I am trying to figure out what I want and what makes or will make me more happy, I would love to hear your thoughts about the Dutch vs English thingy (hihi, I like that word!). For now, I am off to treat myself on a Game of Thrones marathon (who else is excited the third season has started already and what did you think of the first episode?) and, perphaps, some salty popcorn later on. Oh goodie, the joy of having a two week break from school!