• I kind of feel like I am in the middle of blogging puberty. And yes, I am aware of the fact that it may not exist, but I do think that is the best way to explain how I am regarding this whole Dutch vs English matter. I feel like a rebelious child, who is experimenting and finding out his/her way through life. (Whoo, that went deep!) I am still not sure whether to continue in Dutch or English but today I just felt the need to blog in English (yet again).
  • Last week I went to Brussels for a day (hence the photo above!). First, I visited my friend who is working for the European Parlement (hooray for her, right?) and afterwards I just wandered around the city, spoke a bit of French, drank some beers and enjoyed some jazzy music on the street. I have been to Brussels for a few times already, but it was not until last week, that I finally ‘Manneke Pis’. So now I finally did! Yay!
  • Last Sunday the weather was so perfect! Did you all enjoy it as well? I could not have enjoyed it more since I decided to go for my first 10K run ever! Do not worry, I will not bore you with the whole story (but for those of you who are interested, make sure you will check justkeeprunning.nl on Friday!). However, there is one thing I would like to say: it felt amazing! Like really amazing! I am actually smiling right now!
  • I just cannot believe it was so sunny on Sunday and today it is raining again (it actually already started raining yesterday). Oh dear sun, where are you? I really do miss you and I am probably not the only one. Could you please come back anytime soon and make all of us happy with your warmth? Pretty please?